Weddings2013: Jess+Cody

This was the last wedding of my 2013 wedding season. Jess and Cody had a nice laid-back day, which made for a fun and stress-free day for everyone involved.

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Cute ‘n’ Comfy – Jasmine

It’s been a long time since Jasmine and I went out to take pictures, and the pictures have always been taken in Fargo, N.D. It was refreshing to take pictures at one of my favorite places in Minneapolis.

Bar Jasmine 4 Bar Jasmine 13Bar Jasmine 11 Bar Jasmine 14Bar Jasmine 16Bar Jasmine 20 Bar Jasmine 35Five Jasmines

Weddings2013: Bob+Darrell

As you may know, Minnesota recently legalized gay marriage. It just so happens that my Uncle Bob and his partner, Darrell, were fortunate enough to live as a married couple before my uncle Bob passed away. Their wedding was great, and I was honored that they asked me to share their special day. I asked my uncle Bob about an hour before he was married what he thought about finally getting the chance to marry his best friend, and he said, “I never thought this day would be possible.”

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Weddings2013: Stacy+Ezra

Stacy and Ezra’s upbeat personalities are infectious, and it made for a very relaxed and fun atmosphere for everybody, myself included. The wedding took place around St. Cloud, Minn. at ‘The Grands at Mulligans.” It was a beautiful day for an outside wedding.

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Weddings2013: Emily+Cole

This wedding was near the end of July located at the Black Bear Crossings On the Lake, which is within Como Park (St. Paul, Minn.). It was a great location for an outdoor wedding shoot. However, it was misting outside and made it difficult to take many outdoor pictures, but we made it work and had a great day.

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Weddings2013: Josie+Andrew

This wedding took place at the Big Sandy Lodge, just north of Brainerd, Minn. The day had all of the ingredients for shooting a great wedding: cloudy skies, no rain and a great group of people to take pictures of.

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